You bunch of THUGS!!!

 Last updated: 01/26/2007

Welcome to the Thugs homepage.  We're a group of computer users dedicated to getting the most out of (or sometimes INTO) our systems, whether or not they're "contemporary" systems.  We've had a lot of experience with a lot of different architectures over the years, and we're always hungry to learn more.


The Thugs' motto is "Everything was state-of-the-art once".

    Currently, the Thugs consist of two main members, Conceited Jerk and Slam (alphabetically).  Of course, we're always willing to accept new members...

*** NEWS FLASH ***

The site has actually been UPDATED!

We're switching the site's look over to more of a blog style, as it's easier to maintain, with photo albums to follow in the future.  That, and we've FINALLY gotten rid of those damned ads...

Here's a makeshift index of what's here, while we make the transition...

Do you live in/near Winnipeg and have an interest in older systems? Why not join us? Click HERE for details!
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