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NAME: Conceited Jerk (CJ for short)
AGE: 30
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! I am the Great and Powerful CJ!!!
I have LONG been into computers, ever since receiving my first system, a 64K CoCo 2, eighteen years ago. The awe and fascination I experienced all those many years ago still lives on, brought to the surface each and every time I buy or "acquire" a new system or OS...
Over the years my main interest has been the Amiga family of computers. In its heyday, the Amiga line was always a few steps ahead of its competition in terms of graphics and sound (and GAMES!), not to mention having one of the best scripting languages of its time, AREXX. Arexx allowed different programs to interact with one another, as well as simplifying batch processes (such as converting a mass of pictures from GIF to JPG format).
Unfortunately, the world being what it was, I was forced to buy an MS-DOS compatible system when I started college. I became quite proficient at DOS, grudgingly moving up to Windows 3.1. It was then, in 1993, where I first experienced the Internet. My old buddy Karl, hereafter known as Slam, got himself an account with a local ISP and let me know his username and password. We had Trumpet Winsock, Forte Agent 0.99, Eudora Lite 2.0, and Netscape 2.x, all running on my 486 DLC33...then we both got Windows 95...
While my current main system is my PowerMac 7200/120, my main PC (now dead) was a Pentium 166MMX running Windows 98, which I used to encode MP3s to send to to my MP3 player, and for burning CDs. This is as far as I intend to go with any of Microsoft's products, and will NEVER build or use another Windows-based PC for home.. They've raised my ire more than a few times with both their business practices and their development practices (but I won't go into detail...it's my war, not the Thugs' war), and as such, I have since delved into Mac OS, Unix and Linux...
Linux, I feel, will be either the proverbial "wave of the future" or at least a stepping-stone to it. It's not the most user-friendly piece of work on the planet, but it's getting better every year. We're running Storm Linux 2000 (on a P166 we cobbled together) in order to familiarize ourselves with Unix-like environments. I'm currently getting used to my Sun Sparcstation 10 and it's OS Solaris 7, Sun's house brand of Berkeley Unix.
In addition to maintaining the Thugs' website (on whichever system is free at that moment, heh!), my goal as a Thug will be to learn different operating systems (Like Solaris, *nix, Mac OS, et cetera.), learning the ins and outs of networking, building and maintaining our equipment, and having fun! However, as a personal goal, I intend to spend some time learning HTML and web design, ultimately branching off into both Java development and Perl.
For more information on my projects within the Thugs, click HERE.
If you'd like more info about me, my life, my interests, etc, click HERE to visit my personal (IE Non-Thug) website.

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