Silicon Graphics Software Release 5.3 1572036
This CD contains the following products:

4Dwm:  Desktop Window Manager, 5.3 (based on OSF/Motif 1.2.4)
FDDIXPress:  FDDIXPress, 3.6
ViewKit_eoe:  ViewKit Execution Environment, 1.1
bvo:  VGX Broadcast Video Option Support Software 1.5.3
c++_eoe:  Standard Execution Environment (C++, 4.0)
c_eoe:  Standard Execution Environment (C, 3.19)
cadmin:  Object System, 5.3
compiler_eoe:  IRIX Standard Execution Environment, (Compiler, 5.3)
demos:  Graphics Demonstration Programs, 5.2
desktop_eoe:  IndigoMagic Desktop, 5.3
desktop_tools:  Desktop Tools, 5.3
dmedia_eoe:  IRIS Digital Media Execution Environment, 5.3
dmedia_tools:  IRIS Digital Media Tools, 5.3
dps_eoe:  Display PostScript/X, 2.0.3 based on PostScript Level 2
efast:  EFast (Fast Ethernet Board), 5.3
eoe1:  IRIX Execution Environment 1, 5.3
eoe2:  IRIX Execution Environment 2, 5.3
explorer:  IRIS Explorer, 2.2.2
fddivis:  FDDIVisualyzer, 3.6
ftn_eoe:  Standard Execution Environment (Fortran 77, 4.0.2)
il_eoe:  ImageVision Library Execution Only Environment, 2.4
imgtools:  ImageVision Tools, 2.2
insight:  IRIS InSight Viewer, 2.3
insight_gloss:  IRIS InSight Online Glossary, 2.3
inventor_eoe:  Inventor Execution Only Environment, 2.0.1 (1.1.2 on GT(X))
irix4_eoe1:  Execution Only Environment 1, 4.0.5
irix4_vc:  VideoCreator Maint, 1.2.1
irix4_vfr:  Video Framer  version 2.0.1 808-0227-005
irix4_vli:  VideoLab Maint, 1.2
irix4_vs:  VideoSplitter Maint, 1.2.1
isdn_eoe:  ISDN Execution Environment, 1.1
lvd:  GT/GTX Live Video Digitizer Option Support Software 1.5.3
mmail:  MediaMail, 3.2
motif_eoe:  IRIX IM Execution Only Environment, IRIX/IM 1.2.3-5.3 (based on OSF/
Motif 1.2.3+)
netls_eoe:  NetLS Execution Only Env 1.2.2
print:  Printing Tools, Release 1.3
showcase:  IRIS Showcase 3.3
sysadmdesktop:  Desktop System Administration, 5.3
sysmon:  Desktop System Monitor, 1.2
systour:  Indigo Magic System Tour, 5.2
tooltalk_eoe:  ToolTalk 1.2.2 Execution Only Environment
vc:  VideoCreator Option Support Software 1.5.3
vfr:  VideoFramer Option Support Software 2.3.3
vino:  Indy Video-In Execution Environment, 1.0.3
vlan232:  Serial Video LAN Control Panel and Tools, 1.4.2
vli:  GTX/VGX VideoLab Option Support Software 1.5.3
vs:  GTX/VGX VideoSplitter Option Support Software 1.5.3
x_eoe:  X11 Execution Environment, 3.3 based on X11R6