Low Tech Solutions

  Many of you have systems that are either currently worth a fortune, or
were once worth a fortune.  A good example would be my SGI Personal Iris.  
Once when state of the art it would have been worth over $25,000
Canadian as a base model.  Now it's worth next to nothing to most, for
those that are looking for parts to keep them going very expensive.  Why
might you ask?  Many are sitting idle or been relegated to store
rooms until they are thrown out.  Now other then hitting every company
in your city and begging, or offering to take any of their old
equipment, you won't likely find everything you need.

  What might this ramble mean to you or me?  How do you keep your baby 
living as long as possible, as cheaply as possible.  Well, as always keep
 your computer in a cool, clean room.  Recently acquired a piece of equipment
that wasn't? Then check out both preventative maintenance and coaxing

As with any computer maintenance, "Remember any and ALL of these techniques 
can damage your computer" and "May contain Dangerous or Lethal Voltages". 
These are all tools and tricks learned from the net and in real life tested
 by myself and used on a regular basis.  Following any of these is at your
own risk, computer's life or your own, if in doubt don't or if you try and 
fail suck it up.

At this point this repair guide will split:  
	1 Preventative Maintenance
	2 Coaxing a little more out of it
	3 Replacing

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Article by Slam, last revised June 2004.