Specs Culled From The Net
Front Interfaces 15x RJ45 10 base T Ethernet 1x RJ45 10 base T Ethernet / Crossover (shared through MDI/MDI-X switch) 1x AUI Port 1x RS232 DB25 1x Userport DB9 w/ built-in null modem crossover Rear Interfaces 4x DB25 Dedicated hub interfaces (still looking for more info though) 1x other port (will update when more is known) Where to find more info? This hub was originally from Synoptics, which seems to have been purchased/sold/merged with Bay Networks, which is now part of the Nortel group. The limited info we have found has mostly been from sifting the net and from an old buffered page from www.google.com, fortunately CJ printed the page at that time, as the file is no longer available. To return: <--

Last Modified June 2004