It's not a museum, it's a bloody SWEATSHOP!

That's right, folks! I don't just "collect" computers.   Every computer I have, with a couple of exceptions, is functional and READY TO RUN.  I'm not talking about playing a few games of Missile Command in BASIC, either.  I'm talking POWER USER type stuff: Accounting, spreadsheets, word processing, telecom, databases, and file management.  Some with GUI, some with only a text interface (what the heck, I AM a console monkey, after all!), but all ready to go at a moment's notice.  Some I use to connect to the 'net, too... Thanks in no small part to the people who have inadvertently helped (denizens of the Mac, Amiga, and Tandy world for the most part.).  Will put up a links page when I have time.

Here's a brief rundown on what I've got: (pics/specs in progress)

Apple Macintosh:

    Macintosh SE: "Polyphemus" (68000, 4Mb RAM, 80Mb HD)
    Macintosh LC: "Liquor Commission" or "Eins" (dead, now a parts machine)
    Macintosh LC III: "Drei" (68030/25, 36Mb RAM, 80Mb HD)
    Macintosh LC 475: "Vier" (full 68040/25, 40Mb RAM, 780 Mb HD, OS 8.1)
    Macintosh LC 575: "Fünf" (68LC040, 132Mb RAM!, 1Gb HD)
    Macintosh Performa 450: (68030/25, 36Mb RAM, 120Mb HD)
    Power Macintosh 6100/60: "Mothra" (G3/233MHz upgrade, 264Mb RAM, 2.1Gb HD)
    Power Macintosh 6100/60AV: "Gojira" (60MHz, no RAM, no HD)
    Power Macintosh 7200: "Mecha-CJ" (120MHz, 72Mb RAM, 2.1Gb HD)
    Powerbook G3 Lombard: "Nadia" (400MHz, 128Mb RAM, 6Gb HD, BookEndz dock)
    Powerbook 5300: "Raven" (100MHz, 56Mb RAM, 6Gb HD)
    Powerbook 1400: "Amelie" (117MHz, 64Mb RAM, 1Gb HD)
    Powerbook 540c: "Sayaka" (has rare PCMCIA card cage, needs battery)
    Powerbook 520c (needs HD, batteries, and replacement case plastic)
    2 Powerbook 160s (specs TBA)
    2 Powerbook 170s (specs TBA)
    2 Powerbook 150s (both nonfunctional, specs TBA)
    1 Powerbook 145 (specs TBA)

Commodore Amiga:
    Amiga 500: "Michiru" (1 Mb RAM, two floppy drives, Action Replay MKIII)
    Amiga 2000: "Ami-chan" (18 Mb RAM, 1 Gb HD, OS 3.5, 4X CDRom, 68040/33 MHz accelerator)
    Amiga 1200: "Natsumi": (2 Mb RAM, two floppy drives, 500 Mb HD, OS 3.1)
    Amiga 4000: "Miyuki" (18 Mb RAM, 24x CDRom, stock 68030/25, currently in need of a hard drive)
    Amiga 1000: "Minako" (2Mb RAM with Spirit board, one 880K floppy drive, Kickstart 1.3 from floppy!)


    Sony SMC-70G: "Acromegaly" (w/dual floppy drives, superimposer, disk cache unit, and a ton of other hardware and software! Work in progress)
    Sony SMC-70: Bare unit, specs to follow.  Bought as a parts machine, but may be fully functional!


    IBM Powerserver 520H (fully functional) "West Germany"
    IBM Powerserver 520H (Motherboard determined to be dead, now a parts machine) "East Germany"

(note: as predictable as this is going to sound, the crumbling "East" was unified with the "West" to form a more powerful system I've nicknamed "Deutschland", which will be used as the Thugs' ultra efficient private network server!  My hobby outside of computers is making fun of the world...)

Sun Microsystems:

    Sparcstation 10: "SunBurn" (dual 180MHz processors, 512 Mb RAM, 2.4 Gb HD, RedHat 6.2, work in progress)
    Sparcserver 20: "Hidamari" (dual 75MHz processors, 2.4 Gb HD, 1.2Gb HD, 80Mb RAM, Solaris 8, work in progress)
    UltraSparc 5: "Cinq" (400MHz processor, 256Mb RAM, 8.1 Gb HD, Solaris 8, work in progress, needs new NVRAM)
    Sparc IPX: "Malcontent" (80MHz ,Weitek PowerUP chip, 64Mb RAM, 1Gb HD, Redhat 6.2)

Silicon Graphics Incorporated:

    Indy: "Daedalus", specs to follow (64 Mb RAM, 2Gb HD)

Generic PCs:

    P166MMX: "Luxembourg" (Win98, 128 Mb RAM, 3Gb HD + 6.4 Gb HD)
    PII-300: "Belgium" (dead, currently a parts machine)
    PIII: "Mame Box" (1.2GHz, Win 98, built into BreakThru arcade cabinet w/custom arcade controls. Specs to follow)
    PII-300: (64 Mb RAM, Win 98, no HD)
    PIII-450: "Denmark" (450 MHz, 10Gb HD, Mandrake Linux 9.2, specs to follow)
    PIII-450: "Sweden" (450MHz, 10Gb HD, possibly dead, needs TLC)
    Generic 286: (2Mb RAM, 16MHz)
    15 other assorted PCs, ranging from a 486DX/33, two 486DX2-66s, and several Pentium systems ranging from 100MHz to 166MHz.

Tandy/Radio Shack Computers:

    Tandy 1500HD: (8086, 1 MB RAM, no HD, dying 1.44 Mb floppy, 9.76 MHz)
    Tandy 2800HD: "Megumi" (286, 1 Mb RAM, 40Mb HD, 1.44 floppy, 16MHz - originally used to send roms to my Game Doctor 7)
    Tandy Colour Computer 3: (128K RAM, Multi-pak interface, FD-500 floppy drive, TP-10 printer)
    Tandy TL/2: (286, 768K RAM, no HD, 720K floppy, 8MHz)
    Tandy 1000RL: (8086, 768K RAM, 20Mb HD, 720K floppy, AdLib card, 9.76 MHz)
    Tandy 1000SX: (8086, 640K RAM. twin 360K floppy drives, keyboard, Tandy CM-10 monitor)
    TRS-80 Model 4P: (Z80, 128K RAM upgrade, two SSDD floppy drives, 4MHz, Non-gate array version) Coolest machine on Earth!
    Tandy Model 100: (8085 processor, 32K RAM.  Second coolest machine on Earth!)

    HP Envizex 6 Series P X-terminal
    HP Vectra VL/5: "Switzerland" (128Mb RAM, 2.1 Gb HD, Win98, 52X CDRom, no floppy, overclocked to 200MHz)

T5200/100 Laptop: "Angry Red" (386/20 with 387 co-processor, 2Mb RAM, 100Mb IDE HD, Adaptec 1520B SCSI card, DOS 6.2, Win 3.1)

 Nicknamed "Angry Red" because the unit's red Gas Plasma display reminds me of the old sci-fi flick "The Angry Red Planet".  Has no battery (no provisions for one) and looks like a suitcase when closed, complete with roller-style combination lock!

That's 67 computers, kids!

With at least ONE more I'm planning to buy (an HP9000 system of some sort and/or a Sun Enterprise system...).

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