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  My CDTV was a stock system when I bought it.  Fortunately, or unfortunately for it, the 

unit did not survive for more then an hour before it was dismantled into it's major 


  Since then it has been upgraded with Amitrix's SCSI-TV, and then upgraded with a 2 ROM 

romswitcher (factory 1.3 CDTV ROM and the standard 2.05 Kickstart ROM).  

  The SCSI-TV was one of my best buys for the CDTV, as it went well with the SYQUEST 44 Mb 

cartridge hard drive.  The unit worked well for years until it was sold to CJ, a couple of

 years later in one of our many trades, I received the CDTV back. .

Currently the CDTV is mine again, although it is on display in the computer lab for gaming,

 and sits quite nicely below my Dreamcast.  

Eventually I'll see if I can get the:

CDTV Prom Files. 

The CDTV's Prom is the chip that changes it from a normal Amiga into the CDTV, Now the CDTV 

shipped with V1.0 but was latter developed upto V2.3 (2.9 on a Developers flash card and 3.2

 on the CDTV CR), The changes include the ability to upgrade the CDTV's Kickstart (Operating

 System). If you have an Emprom burner then you can download the below file and burn it onto

 the correct Proms. There are two Proms in the CDTV, An ODD (U34) and EVEN (U35).

V2.3 CDTV Prom. Even (U34).

V2.3 CDTV Prom. Off (U35).

from the good folks at WWW.CDTV.ORG.UK

CJ's comments:

I miss that machine... When I had it, it was essentially my "main machine".
I used to use it for BBSing, listening to MODs, playing audio CDs, and eventually, surfing the net!
I used to love chatting in IRC or perusing the Usenet while listening to Front 242 or Kraftwerk CDs!

A typical day would see me running (simultaneously):

JRcomm - to log onto the net & navigate via the server's UNIX shell commands
a UUdecoder - to decode pics off the usenet
FastGIF2 - to view the pics
CDTVPlayer - to listen to music CDs (Front 242, FLA, and Kraftwerk were a staple!)
Any small workbench game - to pass the time!

All this on a 7MHz machine with 1Mb RAM! True Multitasking! They sure knew how to build 'em back then!

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