My Amiga 500 

My original Amiga 500 came with the original 500 kb onboard and the Kickstart 1.2 ROM. I

was the second owner, and got it straight from my stepfather. I kept it until the CDTV came

into my life, it then was sold to CJ. (Which worked fine until I lent it to Slam for testing purposes! Har! - CJ)

Currently I own another one (purchased for $5 CDN, at a local thrift store), and have a

second one for parts. The functional one is still stock with an A501 memory pack (total

1Mb memory).

CJ- I bought MY second A500 for about $100 CDN from a mail-order company called National Amiga back in the mid-90s.
Aside from the external floppy drive and A501 card, it's a stock machine. I use it to play old Amiga games.
In fact, I picked up an Action Replay Mk II so I could capture graphics and MODs from the games.

The fact that the AR Mk II helps me cheat at games is immaterial ;)

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last updated April 19th, 2004