Commodore Amiga 4000

Code-named "Miyuki"

68030 processor running at 25MHz
16Mb FastRAM
2Mb ChipRAM
24x CDROM drive
Ariadne II Ethernet card
GVP I/O Externder card (hi-speed serial + parallel)

Slam bought me this baby off of eBay 2001, and she immediately took over for my beloved A2000.  Miyuki was noticeably slower (25MHz 68030 vs Ami-chan's 33MHz 68040), but she displayed nice AGA graphics, which made web browsing that much more enjoyable.  Miyuki soon took over as main web design, graphics design, internet, and games machine. I used Miyuki to capture and edit virtually ALL the graphics used on my personal web page, as well as writing the original version of the Thugs' page!  I even used her to rewrite the FAQ for alt.binaries.emulators.nintendo when I was the FAQ moderator!  However, I never used Miyuki to her full potential until I bought my house and had cable internet installed!

Miyuki served me well until recently (March 2004) when, after I tired of fixing the file system on the HD for the third time that day (and hundredth or so time that year), I relegated her to the office closet.