Commodore Amiga 2000

Code-named "Ami-chan"

I bought the Ami-chan in 1996, after reading of a planned PowerPC upgrade soon to be released for this and other Amiga systems.  I was all for it, since I had gotten ahold of Slam's CDTV (in a trade whose details are lost to time) years before and loved the thing.  At least an A2000 could run OS 3.1 easily, with out having to buy obscure PROMS.  So the A2000 was purchased for a whopping $200, including monitor and 40Mb SCSI HD and 4 Mb RAM.

Over the course of 6 years, Ami-chan was upgraded to her current state:

GVP Combo II accelerator
16MB Ram
Opalvision Video card
4x SCSI CDROM drive

Ami-chan served me well as a graphics editor, internet machine, game machine, and even a Caller ID box.  Unfortunately, the cost of keeping Ami-chan somewhat current proved to be too much.  I soon found that it was cheaper (and probably wiser) to upgrade my other systems, most of which had already eclipsed Ami-chan in terms of functionality.  In early 2004, Ami-chan was relegated to the office closet.