02/26/06: Preamble

02/23/2006:  Here's the preamble!

After years of coveting, I finally won a Tandy Model 100 portable computer.  As I said in the intro, I've wanted one of these units since I was twelve years old (and an avid Coco user!).  Compared to other computer manufacturers, Radio Shack always had the coolest machines.  But I digress.

I won the M100 last weekend for the relatively low cost of $50 USD, including shipping.  I paid for the unit on Tuesday, and so, in theory it should arrive here this week.

In anticipation of its arrival, I've been reading a few Model "T" related websites, and I downloaded a few user's guides from www.trs-80.com (and printed them out at work, heh heh heh).  I've been studying them, so I should be ready to rock when the unit arrives.  Hell, I already have batteries (Duracell Ultras) set aside for it.

Once the initial excitement wears off and I'm through "playing around", I suppose I should start thinking about what I'm going to do with it.  Text editing, of course, so I can write web content and my usual treatises and stream-of-consciousness rants, but what ELSE?  If I can find a decent spreadsheet app, I can do my finances on the go, or possibly write that freight-rate comparison I've been meaning to do...  I wonder if VisiCalc was ever released on the Model 100?  That'd be great, since that's what I use on my Model 4P, but then again, would the files be compatible with one another?  Guess I'll find out sooner or later...

The Model 100 has a built-in Telcom app, so I should be able to null-modem into another machine to trade files, but if that doesn't pan out as well as I hope, I can at least download other telecom programs online, or even that Desklink app, which allows the Model 100 to use a PC's hard drive as a virtual floppy drive, so I'll be able to send/receive files to my PC that way, too.

So, I have all my potential problems solved in theory, and once the unit arrives, I'll be able to test 'em all out.

Until then...