Week ending 07/10/2005

07/04/05 to 07/10/05: Precious little was accomplished this week.  I didn't have a lot of time to work on the project due to massive overtime at work. My Sparcstation 10 running Redhat 6.2 crashed outright, and the latest version of Debian would install the base system, but wouldn't boot after install.  So, I'm thinking of using Belgium (my PII-300 running Mandrake 9.2) instead of the Sparc 10 to connect my 4P to the net.  Too bad, I really wanted to use the Sparc in this project, so I may give it one last hurrah and reinstall Solaris 7 on the machine.  I'm familiar more familiar with Solaris than Linux, after all...

Heh, I'm stocking up on floppies for the 4P, too... I'm bidding on a bulk lot of 100 as we speak.  Too bad I lost the auction for the TRS-80 Accounting Software lot on eBay.  I jumped at the chance when I first saw the lot, figuring I'd rather buy and use the original software than downloading copies off the net.  But, some (expletive deleted) guy outbid me partway through, and I couldn't afford to bid much higher.  It really bugs me, because I have a feeling he's just a (expletive deleted) "collector", and that the software will end up in a box or on a shelf somewhere gathering dust and (ugh) cigarette smoke, and not being used at all.  Ah well, guess I have to hit TRS-80.com again.

    In further bad news, I won't be calling that "certain BBS" that advertises in comp.sys.tandy after all.  No, I downloaded the board's entire file list, and while there's an extensive amount of software for Tandy's PC compatibles, there's little to no TRS-80 stuff on there. C'est la vie.

Well, I'm off to download the Visicalc manuals, then it's time to clean the house.

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